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Krav Maga in Canada

The IKMF has been active in Canada since 2005 and we are experiencing an intense expansion, which will culminate in September 2015 when we are planning to open new branches all across Canada after our 2015 Instructor Certification course. Since 2010, IKMF Canada has been led by National Director and Head Instructor Laurent Mougeot, Expert Level 2. We currently have active branches in the National Capital region, in the GTA and in Western Canada.

The larger, international IKMF family led by Master Avi Moyal, a direct student of the founder Imi Lichtenfeld.

Our head quarters are based in Israel and members of the Global Instructors Team (GIT), which are the highest level instructors worldwide, regularly visit Canada to train our Instructors and keep us up to date, since Krav Maga constantly evolves, adapting to new realities and modern dangers.

If there is no official IKMF branch in your city, you should consider organizing a seminar and we will come to you. If you are operating a Martial Arts studio and want to expand your business and reach more people by teaching Krav Maga, you should consider becoming an Instructor! Our next certification will be in Ottawa, ON, June and July 2015.

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