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Xavier Ubeda

Xavier Ubeda

Level G5

Xavier discovered Krav Maga in France in 2000 and trained in Paris with the FEKM (Richard Douieb). He then moved to Canada where he trained with KMW (Krav Maga WorldWide) for three years before joining Krav Maga Ottawa and the IKMF in 2007. Xavier trained hard for the next few years under the supervision of Head instructor Laurent Mougeot and graduated for all the Practitioners levels of Krav Maga up to P5. He also participated in many seminars with Thierry Cimkauskas (Expert 3) and Master Avi Moyal. In 2010, Xavier decided to become a certified Instructor and travelled to Minneapolis where he took part in the Civilian Instructor Certification. He is now a level G3 instructor.

Xavier’s teachers were Master Avi Moyal (Chairman of the IKMF), Amnon Darsa (Expert 5), Tamir Gilad(Expert5) Israel Tamir (Expert 4), Shlomi Moyal (Expert 3), Marcus Torgerson (Expert 2) and Laurent Mougeot (Expert 2). Xavier is also a school teacher with natural abilities to pass on knowledge.

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