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Marie Frétigné

Marie Frétigné

Level G2

Marie Frétigné is originally from Angers, France. When she first moved to Canada in 2009, she travelled the country and worked on ranches in Alberta. She loves horses and is an experienced rider. Marie decided to follow a self-defense class for women in 2013 and found Krav Maga Ottawa. She immediately fell in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of the system and after completing the course she joined the regular classes and began training several times a week. In addition, she took months of private lessons with Head Instructor Laurent Mougeot, Expert Level 2, who saw an exceptional potential in her. In December 2014, Marie travelled to Israel to take part in the IKMF Tour & Train event. For two weeks she discovered the birth country of Krav Maga while training with the Global Instructor Team, including Avi Moyal, Chair of the IKMF.

In 2015, encouraged by her Instructors, Marie went through the Civilian Instructor Certification (CIC) course in Ottawa, ON. She became one of only three female Krav Maga Instructors in Canada. Marie specializes in teaching women and children. Her warm personality and high energy makes her an effective, natural teacher. Her Instructors were Laurent Mougeot (E2), Israel Tamir (E4) and Israel Cohen (E3).

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