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IKMF Canada has 12 new Instructors

IKMF Canada has 12 new Instructors
July 23, 2015 Laurent Mougeot

On Sunday, July 19th, the largest Civilian Instructor Course ever held in Canada reached its end and the 17 participants were tested over two days by GIT Israel Cohen and National Director Laurent Mougeot. Twelve participants from Ottawa, Edmonton and Saskatoon met the extremelly strict requirements and became IKMF Instructors as well as obtaining their G1 level; five more will be completing the requirements in October 2015.

IKMF Canada would like to congratulate its brand new team:

  • Corie Jo Cushing
  • Janna Lee Cushing
  • Marie Fretigne
  • Gabriel Dravan
  • Jean-Francois Lambert
  • Philip Morel
  • Sukri Sharbini
  • Chengxu Luo
  • Zia Masroor
  • Hugo Lavertu
  • Seylor Giroux
  • Dave Suffern
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Congrats everyone!!!


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