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Krav Maga is a modern, practical and proven system of self‑defence, carefully devised of the needs of our present day dangerous and unstable world.


The IKMF has been active in Canada since 2005 and we are experiencing an intense expansion, which will culminate in September 2015 when we are planning to open new branches all across Canada after our 2015 Instructor Certification course.

Since 2010, IKMF Canada has been led by National Director and Head Instructor Laurent Mougeot, Expert Level 2. We currently have active branches in the National Capital region, in the GTA and in Western Canada.

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Civilian Self-Defense Training

We provide the most practical real life self-defense training system. Krav Maga was born on the streets from the needs of civilians put in violent situations. We provide the most efficient and proven self-defense system for the general public with solutions to all self-defense problems.

Law enforcement Training

Krav Maga has been adopted by several law enforcement agencies around the world from SWAT and the FBI in the USA to the French GIGN, Polish Police and many more. Krav Maga teaches the most complete curriculum of arrest techniques to officers of the law. The IKMF Law enforcement trainings saves lives by making the officers better prepared and by allowing more possibilities before using deadly force techniques.

VIP Protection (Body Guard Training)

Krav Maga is a proven system of defensive tactics used by some of the best security firms in the world for body guards and security officers. Krav Maga uses an array of 3rd party protection techniques that will make your staff ready to do what it takes.


  • It's intimidating but a total adrenalin rush. I hesitate to say that rubber guns and knives are cool but, well, they're certainly more fun than free weights.
    Amy VernerThe Globe and Mail
  • I was interested in the Krav Maga style of fighting because I had seen it applied and knew that it was philosophically different. There was no root in sport – it was more martial than art. The tactical advantages of it are what’s being gone to in the world of those operators.
    Sean PennActor

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